Reiji vs Bass

Bass has his darkness overload which can take down any being in all of media. Reiji may be powerful (His dragon anyway), but he could never hope to dodge the blast. Bass is far too fast. Bass can also reflect beams, making Reiji’s attacks pretty much useless. Reiji takes his first loss. Bass wins.

Reiji vs Vineman

Vineman has his vines and can use them to take down most opponents. Of course Reiji has Senakoura at his side and could take down Vineman. It may be tough, but in the end Senakoura’s stronger than Vineman. Vineman takes a loss in this round. Reiji wins.

Reiji vs Daisuke (DD)

Well Daisuke (DD) has a beast, but Reiji’s dragon is much bigger and can take on anything Daisuke can dish out. Daisuke just doesn’t have what it takes in this match and loses pretty badly. Reiji gets himself another win. Daisuke for now goes to the bottom. Reiji wins.

Reiji vs Ken Kazaki

Reiji and Ken are similar in some aspects. Reiji is a kid who got a dragon and became super strong. Ken also got a Wind Dragon known as Shiron. They became friends and went on to beat up the bad guys. I think Reiji wins because his dragon’s a lot tougher and I think Reiji himself could beat Ken by himself. Reiji wins.

Reiji vs Hikaru

Since there’s a lot of Hikaru’s I’ll make sure to clear this one up right away. This is the Hikaru from Dragon Drive. He’s Reiji’s rival. His best dragon is Kanopus while Reiji’s is Senakoura. I think Hikaru would win because he’s been the champ for a long time and has won it fair and square while Reiji just happened to be good at the game and became one of the best. If Reiji weren’t the main character that wouldn’t have happened. Hikaru wins.

Well, Reiji’s pretty tough and stuff so now he takes the win. His dragon is just stronger, and in the end that’s what counts. Reiji wins.