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Ankylosaurus vs Smaug

Suggested by Destroyer Ankylosaurus is a pretty tough dinosaur. The spikes help to stop long range attacks and he is surprisingly quick. That being said, there isn’t much that this dino can do against Smaug. Smaug can stay at a distance and continually hit him with fire attacks until the dinosaur eventually goes down for the count. Ultimately there just isn’t anything he can do without a long range attack and it just goes to show how important it is to have such an option. Smaug wins.

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Ankylosaurus vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer Ankylosaurus is a strong dinosaur to be sure but I wonder if he has what it takes to win this match. Gigan is larger and stronger than this beast plus he can also teleport and has energy blasts. That’s a whole lot to try and overcome so I’m thinking that this match will be over very quickly. Gigan wins.

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Ankylosaurus vs Biollante

Ankylosaurus can be a powerful Dinosaur, but I really don’t see it being able to stop Biollante. Biollante is a powerful Kaiju and her abilities surpass those of ordinary creatures. A single acid blast would be able to win the round or Biollante can just win with pure power. Due to their size difference, it is a valid strategy. Biolante wins.

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The BioLizard vs Ankylosaurus

The BioLizard has fought many opponents on the blog. He’s won some matches and he’s lost some matches. He has experience and knows what to do in the long run. That isn’t why he wins this match though; The BioLizard wins this match because his beams could beat Ankylosaurus in one hit. The BioLizard wins.

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Ankylosaurus vs Lazerman

Ankylosaurus is back, but he’s not quite back to pwn. Lazerman is far too powerful and with one good blast he can take down many beings who are in his way. Ankylosaurus drops down the ranks with this loss, but he’ll probably be back one day. Lazerman has the disruption beam after all. Lazerman wins.

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Ankylosaurus vs Space Godzilla

Ankylosaurus is tough to be sure, but he lacks the skills needed to take down Space Godzilla. Space Godzilla is a being of nearly limitless power and has defeated many foes in the past. His skills are just far too intense to be beaten. Ankylosaurus may have lost the match but he’ll be back. Space Godzilla wins.