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Zilla vs Hadrosaurus

The Hadrosaurus is another dinosaur that was pretty fierce back in his day, but against Zilla he’s basically doomed. Zilla has some intense speed on his side and he’s taken on guys like Godzilla in the past! Then Hadrosaurus would put up a brave fight, but in the end he would lose this round. Zilla wins.

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Moguera vs Hadrosaurus

The Hadrosaurus may have put up a good fight, but in the end it won’t be enough to take down Moguera. Moguera has some pretty intense beams and in a hand to hand fight, I’d definitely put my money on him. Hadrosaurus may have lost this round, but he’ll be back soon. Moguera wins.

Battles, Hadrosaurus Battles, Spinosaurus Battles

Spinosaurus vs Hadrosaurus

Hadrosaurus makes his debut into the blog. Sadly for him he’s fighting one of the strongest Dinos around. Spinosaurus has been getting wins lately. Spinosaurus takes this match because he’s stronger than Hadrosaurus. Hadrosaurus wouldn’t be able to stop Spinosaurus. Maybe Hadrosaurus will be back someday. Spinosaurus wins.