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Spinosaurus vs Hadrosaurus

Hadrosaurus makes his debut into the blog. Sadly for him he’s fighting one of the strongest Dinos around. Spinosaurus has been getting wins lately. Spinosaurus takes this match because he’s stronger than Hadrosaurus. Hadrosaurus wouldn’t be able to stop Spinosaurus. Maybe Hadrosaurus will be back someday. Spinosaurus wins.

7 thoughts on “Spinosaurus vs Hadrosaurus”

  1. What do we even know about Hadrosaurus foulkii? All we have of it are fragments of bones. At least Spinosaurus specimens were found recently long after the original specimens were destroyed in World War II. We can’t say the same for Hadrosaurus. Oh and yes, this was before the 2014 study and redesign but Spinosaurus looks more like this: If the study interests you, read it here:

    1. Hopefully we can find a Hadrosaurus at some point. As more and more of the world is searched I feel like it’ll be tougher and tougher, but you never know. Dinosaurs can definitely be very interesting!

  2. I’ve re-read Gregory S. Paul’s The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs and he gives 9 meters and 2 tonnes for Hadrosaurus. I’m not sure how reliable the measurements are but I guess I just don’t always agree with him, even when I own the book. Then again, there’s nothing about Hadrosaurus that would suggest it to be Spinosaurus level giant; Hadrosaurids do reach and surpass that size but Hadrosaurus probably wasn’t one of them.

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