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Gloom vs Barry William Cox

Barry William Cox is definitely not a nice guy and I doubt he has a whole lot of fans. It’s entirely possible that he doesn’t have any fans since the movie isn’t a very remembered film or the type where characters get fans. Needless to say, Gloom will no longer stay tied with this guy. Gloom’s actually a pretty fun Pokemon and she can claim the win with a Solar Beam blast. No way Barry can survive this! Gloom wins.

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Sherlock Holmes vs Barry William Cox

Sherlock Holmes Basil Rathbone baskervilles 2
This is a tribute to the latest Sherlock Holmes film. While he may have actually been outsmarted for once, Holmes did a good job of staying in the game until the very end. Barry wouldn’t have gotten quite so close in this case. While Barry would probably win a hand to hand fight, Holmes always has his gun at the ready. Barry won’t be able to close the gap in time and just can’t hope to win this fight. Sherlock Holmes wins.

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Barry William Cox vs Rainbow Dash

Suggested by Destroyer Barry is a pretty scary figure for the average mortal. That being said, Rainbow Dash doesn’t scare easy. She is a lot faster than Barry as well which means that she can dodge his attacks with ease. He doesn’t have much going for him besides his knife so he just doesn’t have a great chance of coming out on top. Rainbow Dash wins.

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Barry William Cox vs Lazerman

Barry William Cox returns to the blog after a long break and now he is up against the fearsome being known as Lazerman! Lazerman just got back from a win, but he can easily take another victory. Lazerman’s abilities are on a whole different dimension compared to Barry. Barry really didn’t stand a chance. Lazerman wins.

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Barry William Cox vs Godzilla

Barry William Cox may be a decent fighter, but he’s no match for the King of the Monsters! Godzilla’s new film is nearly here and it’s going to be a big one! Barry may have been one of the main characters in a horror film, but I have a feeling that Godzilla’s ending will be a little happier. Barry can try to punch Godzilla, but it will not work. Godzilla wins.

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Sasuke vs Barry William Cox

Barry William Cox acts tough when he’s around fellow mortals, but how would he do against Sasuke Uchiha? Sasuke is much more athletic than Barry and one good punch would take Barry down for the count. Barry may be used to fighting average humans, but could he take on someone with Sasuke’s super strength and speed? Sasuke wins.