Gloom vs Barry William Cox

Barry William Cox is definitely not a nice guy and I doubt he has a whole lot of fans. It’s entirely possible that he doesn’t have any fans since the movie isn’t a very remembered film or the type where characters get fans. Needless to say, Gloom will no longer stay tied with this guy. Gloom’s actually a pretty fun Pokemon and she can claim the win with a Solar Beam blast. No way Barry can survive this! Gloom wins.


Togemon vs Gloom

Plant power
Togemon is a pretty tough fighter and her needle spray packs a punch! Gloom has some pretty good energy attacks, but Togemon will prove to be too fast in her Lilymon form. Gloom may be losing this round, but at least he gave it his all. Togemon rises up the ranks and shows the world that she’s still got some fight left in her! Togemon wins.

Ben 10 vs Gloom

Ben 10 is back and he’s up against a pretty gloomy opponent! Gloom may have the legendary hyper beam among other attacks, but it won’t be enough this time. Gloom just isn’t fast enough to dodge for long and his attack power was never one of the greatest in the pokemon universe. Ben 10 wins.

Ash vs Gloom

Gloom has her poison techniques, but in the end they won’t be able to take down Ash. Ash has too many pokemon. With his Charizard he can take down Gloom pretty quickly. Gloom just didn’t have enough skills to take down Ash. Ash is rising up the blog ranks pretty quickly and shows why he’s a master trainer. Ash wins.

Gloom vs Jet

Jet is here and with his surf board he can’t lose. He’s just too powerful in the end. Gloom has his poison powder, but it won’t do any good either. Nothing will do any good against Jet. Jet is tough stuff. Jet wins.

Ho-Oh vs Gloom

Gloom is one of those pokemon who is hard to forget. He played a key role in the anime. Of course Ho-oh can take him down pretty fast. One good fire attack is all he needs to win this. Ho-Oh wins.