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Mario vs Jet

Mario and Jet are both pretty powerful combatants in the ring, but who can truly win this battle!? Jet may be fast, but Mario has his all around talents and the strength of character needed to keep on fighting. Jet’s very fast, but we’ve never really seen any good instances of this so I will have to award Mario with the win for now. His giant form will be enough to step on Jet and he can use his Ray Gun to launch some lethal shots at Jet. Mario wins.

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Lazerman vs Jet

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Jet has some pretty intense speed on his side, but in the end would that be enough to take down Lazerman!? Lazerman has his disruption beam and with a single blast he could definitely make things dicey for any opponent who makes the mistake of getting in his way. Lazerman wins.

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Sonic vs Jet

Jet once thought to match his speed against Sonic’s. That’s one thing I’m sure he won’t try again. Sonic is much faster and stronger than Jet. Sonic has been fighting many enemies for years and taken down gods and high above robots.

Jet has his air board, but beyond that he’s just a hawk with a plan. Jet could never take down Sonic. Sonic has the legendary Super Sonic form along with Dark Sonic, Darkspine Sonic, and more. Sonic takes another win and may begin his role of curb stomps. Stay tuned. Sonic wins.