Predaking vs Optimus Prime

Predaking is a strong fighter and one who has gone toe to toe with other powerful beings like Megatron and Optimus Prime. His ferocity is unmatched, but Prime has obtained many power ups over the years. Those will serve him well here as his jetpack makes him too quick for Predaking to fight against. Prime also has the superior firepower and armor so all of the stats are in his favor. Optimus Prime wins.


Master Chief vs Predaking

Suggested by Random Master Chief is a pretty tough guy who has saved the world many times over. He is certainly not the kind of opponent who will lower his guard or slip up when the going gets tough. That being said, Predaking is just the tougher foe here. He completely outranks Master Chief so it doesn’t matter how many shots the Chief can fire, they won’t deal enough damage. Predaking’s attacks will also be lethal when they hit and they cover a large radius. Predaking wins.