Mother Brain vs Predaking

Suggested by Sonic Mother Brain is a very iconic Metroid villain but the main issue she always runs into with fights like this is her lack of mobility. She has no way to dodge Predaking’s attacks in the slightest which puts her at a massive disadvantage right out of the gate. He’s more powerful and has considerably better armaments at his disposal. A few good shots will likely do the trick. Predaking wins.

Mother Brain vs Samus

The Mother Brain is back and this time she is up against Samus! One Zero Laser should knock the fight out of Mother Brain. Mother Brain is tough, but she lacks speed so Samus can speedblitz her as well. These two are classic enemies, but I’ve never found them that close powerwise. Mother Brain may have lose this match, but she may be back soon! Samus wins.

Mother Brain vs Krang

Mother Brain is a pretty powerful opponent. She’s taken on Samus plenty of times in the past and is usually the mastermind behind the many dangers. Krang can be tough when he wants to, but I think Mother Brain’s purple laser will be able to finish him once and for all! Mother Brain wins.