Master Chief vs Punisher

Suggested by Destroyer Master Chief is a pretty good shot, but he’s not ready to take down Frank Castle. The Punisher has been through a lot over the years such as obtaining the Power Cosmic, becoming Ghost Rider, and even merging with the Symbiote. He’s far more powerful than the Master Chief could hope to reach at this point. No gun is going to be enough to take this guy out of commission and Chief’s armor can’t block cosmic level attacks. Punisher wins.

2 thoughts on “Master Chief vs Punisher

  1. I’ll take Master Chief for 60 zlotys ($15.31), because he’s fought aliens and others of his kind, while the Punisher more often than not kills Mafiya members and gadget users among supervillains and criminals. The differing quality most of the time between those two should be reason enough for my verdict.

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