Giant Octopus vs Raptor

Suggested by Sonic Raptors are quite deadly, but size is definitely going to be an issue for them here. No matter how ferocious they are, there just isn’t much that they can do when the Giant Octopus is so much larger. It can just wrap around the Raptor and apply pressure to nullify its bite. The Raptor will deal some damage with the bite, but not enough to actually turn the tides of battle here. I’m afraid that the dinosaurs are not king of the food chain any longer. Giant Octopus wins.

Ferid vs Raptor

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Suggested by Dylan Hooton Ferid is back once again for a quick win. While Raptors are very dangerous in a pack they aren’t the strongest dinosaurs one on one. Ferid is a lot faster than the Raptor and he also has a healing factor. When you combine those two elements together the outcome of the battle certainly becomes clear. There just really isn’t much that a Raptor can hope to do in order to stop such a fierce opponent. Ferid wins.

Biollante vs Raptor

Raptors are quick and they’re definitely my favorite kind of dinosaur. That being said, Biollante is a Kaiju and that means that she’s a lot stronger than any dinosaur who ever lived. She would be able to win in a fist fight thanks to her overwhelming power and none of Raptor’s attacks would really be able to cause any serious injuries. Biollante wins.

Titanosaurus vs Raptor

Titanosaurus is a strong Godzilla monster. His skills are superb and he knows how too pwn. Raptors are fast and they know when too bite, but the size difference (Plus Beam Disadvantage) Means the Raptors don’t have a chance in this match. He put up a fight and that’s what counts in the end. Titanosaurus wins.

Spinosaurus vs Raptor

Spinosaurus is back once again. Raptor may be a quick fighter, but he lacks the destructive power of the Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus gets another win and moves even higher up the blog charts. He’s been racking up the wins pretty fast as of late, but may finally slow down after this match. Spinosaurus wins.

Allosaurus vs Raptor

Allosaurus is a dinosaur of such raw power that he is feared by many. Of course Raptor fears no beings….he may lack the power of Allosaurus, but he never gives up. Allosaurus defeats Raptor with his awesome power, but Raptor may be back someday. With great wins comes great responsibility. Allosaurus wins.

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