Biollante vs Raptor

Raptors are quick and they’re definitely my favorite kind of dinosaur. That being said, Biollante is a Kaiju and that means that she’s a lot stronger than any dinosaur who ever lived. She would be able to win in a fist fight thanks to her overwhelming power and none of Raptor’s attacks would really be able to cause any serious injuries. Biollante wins.

2 thoughts on “Biollante vs Raptor

  1. -.-……..I’ve stopped taking you seriously. You pitted a dinosaur against a monstrous opponent of the legendary king of monsters?! This is a mismatch, spite and stomp to the biggest degree. Biollante can slaughter even an army of Raptors without trying. Whats the point of making this one-sided thread?

    • Hey, this was a request fight! Refusing one just because it is lopsided just wouldn’t be right. For the record, the Raptor is my favorite dinosaur, but I just couldn’t refuse the match. I almost encourage lopsided matches soemtimes because it’s a great way to inflate a character’s win/loss ratio. Have you seen the blog character rankings? I post them every 1000 matches by the name of “Records” and that’s where you get to see how each fighter is doing. Because of this, every win matters.

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