Tournament Smashers Episode 20 Allosaurus vs Raptor

The 20th battle story is now here!

Allosaurus was walking down the highway. He roared with incredible fierceness and determination. He was going to go eat the Empire State Building! He saw the humans around him readying their weapons. They were gonna try and stop him even though he was huge! Allosaurus knew that he needed more power…and he needed it fast! Allosaurus kicked the humans away and headed for New York.

Meanwhile a Raptor was running around Time Square. He was punching people left and right for the fun of it. Raptor knew that he could find a lot of food around here. He went inside of McDonalds. He grabbed a double cheeseburger and crunched it. Nothing like a McDonalds Cheeseburger!

Allosaurus was now a couple of steps away from the building. He saw a Raptor running around. Allosaurus roared to get the Raptor’s attention. The Raptor looked Allosaurus in the eye. Allosaurus knew that a fight was inevitable and that’s how he liked it!

Allosaurus ran towards Raptor. Raptor hit Allosaurus with a jump kick, but Allosaurus quickly punched him through a building. Allosaurus was pretty sturdy and hits rarely caused him to hit the ground. At most, they just stunned him for a second. Allosaurus knew that he had this match in the bag!

The Raptor ran out of the building and charged at Allosaurus. Allosaurus endured the hit and kicked Raptor away. Raptor roared and grabbed Allosaurus. Allosaurus broke free from his hold and picked him up. Raptor kicked Allosaurus in the jaw, but Allosaurus threw him back to the ground.

Allosaurus roared because he felt like it. He was gonna win his first Tournament Smashers match. He could feel it! Raptor circled around Allosaurus a bit. Allosaurus knew that Raptor was just stalling for time and charged at him. This would be the end for him Allosaurus thought.

Raptor saw Allosaurus charging at him and quickly slid under him. A confused looking Allosaurus turned around, but Raptor tackled him to the ground. Allosaurus threw him off, but Allosaurus jumped on him from behind. Allosaurus shook him off. Raptor knew that he had lost and tried to run away.

Allosaurus kicked Raptor which knocked him out. Allosaurus had won and he was so happy that he didn’t finish Raptor off. He just ran off towards the big blue sky! Next time he would take another win and show the world who the true dino around here was!

Raptor woke up later. He knew that taking a loss right off the bat would hurt his record a lot. He may need to think of something drastic. Raptor roared with all of his vast power!

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