Tournament Smashers

Tournament Smashers Episode 21 Tengu Shredder vs Ashe

The 21st ep is now up!

“What!” Tengu Shredder yelled in shock as he backed up a bit. To think that someone could be this fast. He hadn’t even noticed when Ashe stabbed him. Tengu Shredder charged up one of his energy balls. “Take that,” Tengu Shredder said as he fired it. The blast went through Ashe.

“Impossible,” Tengu Shredder said as he took out his sword. “Can you phase through objects!? Tengu Shredder asked as he glared at Ashe. “I just dodged it with super speed and moved back so fast that you couldn’t see me move,” Ashe answered as she also took out a sword.

It was the legendary Z Saber of legend. Tengu Shredder knew that it was supposed to be well over 100 miles away in the hands of the legendary Maverick Hunter known as Zero. If Ashe had it…then she must’ve taken down Zero. Tengu Shredder clenched his teeth and charged at Ashe. “YAAAA!” he yelled as he swung his sword.

Ashe blocked the blade with her Z Saber and kicked Tengu Shredder to the ground. She could tell from his power level that he wasn’t much of a fighter compared to herself. If she was being honest with herself, she knew that she could beat him at less than 10% of her power.

So she wondered why she hadn’t bothered taking Tengu Shredder down yet. Perhaps it was that he had been fighting a defenseless queen. She was going to teach him humility and beat him down so that he would never fight again.

“Get up, I’m not done with you yet,” Ashe said as she pointed the tip of her Z Saber at Tengu Shredder. “You’ll regret not finishing me off,” Tengu Shredder said as he lunged at her. Ashe sidestepped him and punched him in the side. Tengu Shredder banged a wall, but quickly launched from it and slashed at Ashe.

Ashe caught his blade and wrenched it from his hand. Then she slashed Tengu Shredder with her Z Saber. It was a shallow slice so Tengu Shredder wasn’t down for the count. Tengu Shredder leaned against a wall and was out of breath. Ashe knew that he was almost down for the count.

Tengu Shredder knew that he needed to finish this battle quickly. If he didn’t…it could be the end. His regeneration helped the injuries, but it didn’t help the fact that he was exhausted. Regeneration or not, he wouldn’t be able to fight forever.

Tengu Shredder threw his sword at Ashe. “Pretty desperate move,” Ashe said as she took out a gun and shot at the sword. The sword quickly became a snake and dodged as it got closer. Suddenly Ashe was behind Tengu Shredder. “Too bad you’re so slow,” Ashe said as she blasted Tengu Shredder in the back.

“Enough!” Tengu Shredder yelled as he transformed into a dragon. Tengu Shredder roared, but while he was roaring, Ashe sheathed her sword. “Given up have you!? Tengu Shredder roared. “I already defeated you,” Ashe said as she smirked at Tengu Shredder and reverted back to her normal form.

“What!” Tengu Shredder yelled as he noticed an X shaped slash on his chest. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Tengu Shredder yelled as everything turned white. “This can’t be happening!” Tengu Shredder yelled as he roared one last time. The explosion filled the whole sky.

“That was easy,” Ashe said as she headed off into the distance. She didn’t know who her next victim was, but whoever it would be. She would be ready to take him down. She had heard rumors about another tough fighter by the name of Goku.

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