Allosaurus vs Raptor

Allosaurus is a dinosaur of such raw power that he is feared by many. Of course Raptor fears no beings….he may lack the power of Allosaurus, but he never gives up. Allosaurus defeats Raptor with his awesome power, but Raptor may be back someday. With great wins comes great responsibility. Allosaurus wins.

fanfic version below

12 thoughts on “Allosaurus vs Raptor

  1. I was reading up on dromaeosaurs/raptors and the first appeared in the Middle Jurassic(c. 167 mya.) Allosaurus first appeared 155 mya. So while Allosaurus may have coexisted with raptors, I couldn’t give names as the Cretaceous raptors like Velociraptor, Utahraptor and Deinonychus get more attention.

    But yeah. The raptors would have been prey for Allosaurus.

    • If only they were just a little bigger, it would help the Raptors out quite a lot. As it stands, I definitely agree that they are the prey this time.

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