Katniss vs Francine

Suggested by Destroyer Francine is a kid who may talk tough but at the end of the day can’t really back it up. Meanwhile Katniss had to fight for her life at a young age and always managed to end up as the victor. If you want to look at an inspiring character then look no further. She showed what it meant to shatter your limits and Francine should be taking notes here. She may not win now, but maybe Francine can get a power up someday. Katniss wins.

Hannah Montana vs Francine

Suggested by Sonic Hannah Montana is an interesting character who got rich and famous, but did not use her newfound status to try and rid the world of crime. Instead she went on to lead a double life. Francine doesn’t have a whole lot of life experience like that and seems a little out of her depth here. Hannah would definitely win in a fist fight and in general seems like the more skilled opponent. Hannah Montana wins.

Status Quo vs Francine

The Status Quo is back once again and now he’s up against Francine! Francine may have an interesting hair design, but it won’t be enough to defeat someone as skilled as the Status Quo! The Status Quo has definitely earned his reputation as a tough fighter and he won’t be losing anytime soon! Status Quo wins.

Kamacuras vs Francine

Kamacuras is back too pwn. With this win he rises even higher into the blog. His skills are just far too deadly too be stopped. Francine loses yet again, but maybe now she won’t have too fight again for years. Still, with this loss she drops down the ranks a whole spot! Kamacuras may be back soon. Kamacuras wins.

Godzilla Junior vs Francine

Godzilla Junior is a lot stronger and faster than Francine so he wins this round. Francine loses yet again, but she’ll be back. She’s not one too stay down for long. Godzilla Junior rises in the blog with this win and may have some great moments too come. He is powerful after all! Godzilla Junior wins.

Kumonga vs Francine

Kumonga is a giant spider with abilities fa beyond mere mortals. Francine can run, but she can never outrun a beast of such immense power! Kumonga is just far too deadly and destroys everything in his path. That’s why Kumonga wins this match with ease. Francine falls down the blog rankings. Kumonga wins.

Biollante vs Francine

Biollante is a giant monster with skills. With one blast she can take out many opponents. They just didn’t stand a chance in the longrun! Francine can run, but for how long? Nobody can outrun a giant monster for long. Francine drops down the rankings once again, but she’ll be back! Biollante wins.

Francine vs Hedorah

Hedorah, aka, The Smog Monster! Is a super powerful being that defeated Godzilla quite a few times over the years. Francine may have her ice skating skills, but they aren’t enough too win this time. She just lacks the skills too take him down. Hedorah rises in the rankings. Hedorah wins.

Prunella vs Francine

Prunella has some skills too be sure. Of course Francine will always be her better. She’s better at sports and knows how too fight a bit better. She just has more experience in these things than Prunella. Prunella drops down the rankings, but she’ll be back one of these days to pwn. Francine wins.