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Hedorah vs Prunella

Suggested by Destroyer Prunella is an earnest student who is always doing her best to keep fighting the good fight and to learn more. She is a nice character, but one who ultimately did not stand even a remote chance against someone as powerful as Hedorah. Hedorah is a powerful Kaiju with abilities that are so vast he could win this fight and not even realize it. Humans are literally beneath his notice. Hedorah wins.

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Biollante vs Prunella

Prunella may be pretty good at reading fortunes, but that simply isn’t enough to win the big battles. Biollante is an impressive Kaiju and her abilities are feared across the cosmos. One good hit would be enough to end the round. Biollante’s had a very impressive string of matches lately, but this is likely where it ends for now. One never tires of these one sided Kaiju wins, but it’s time for a change of combatants. Still, Biollante definitely rose up the ranks with these fights! Biollante wins.

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Kumonga vs Prunella

Kumonga is back once again and now he just needs one good punch to defeat Prunella. Prunella is pretty smart for her age. Kumonga takes a win with this round and shows the world that you should never underestimate giant spiders. Prunella takes a tough loss in this round. Kumonga wins.

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Godzilla Junior vs Prunella

Prunella is back, but she’s a bit out of her league with this round. Godzilla Junior can shoot blasts of intense energy of atomic energy. I doubt Prunella could stand up again after getting hit by one of those. Maybe one day Prunella will be back for a win. Meanwhile Godzilla Junior will be back. Godzilla Junior wins.

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Kamacuras vs Prunella

Prunella may be a human, but she can probably fight a bit. Of course Kamacuras is pretty fast and can tackle. Prunella just can’t defeat such a powerful monster. Kamacuras was even able to take on Minya back in his day. With this win Kamacuras rises up the blog ranks and shows everyone why he’s so tough. Kamacuras wins.

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Prunella vs Francine

Prunella has some skills too be sure. Of course Francine will always be her better. She’s better at sports and knows how too fight a bit better. She just has more experience in these things than Prunella. Prunella drops down the rankings, but she’ll be back one of these days to pwn. Francine wins.