Fennekin vs Midna

Suggested by Sonic Fennekin has some really serious fire abilities but ultimately I don’t think it’ll be enough to beat Midna here. Midna still has the edge in overall attack power, not to mention attack range. Fennekin can put up a decent fight in his final form but just doesn’t have the raw stats to really make a true go of it. Midna wins.

Midna vs Bass

Bass is back and now he’s up against Midna! Midna is a pretty tough fighter, but I still don’t see her winning this round. Bass is too powerful and he can move at speeds that make light look slow! That’s pretty insane when you really think about it and it’s part of the reason why nobody has ever defeated Bass on the blog. Bass wins.

Midna vs Villager

Midna and Villager aren’t really known as fighters. They do what they have too in order to win, but you don’t really see them running around with weapons. That being said, Midna landed herself in Hyrule Warriors, which gets her a big boost in her destructive capabilities. Villager gets his Smash Bros boost of course, but it’s not quite as effective. (Especially since he never got a real cutscene to himself!) This is one match that the Villager is going to have to lose I’m afraid. Midna claims victory in her blog debut! Midna wins.