Falco vs Gamma

Suggested by Sonic Gamma is a strong robot and he did well to go up against Sonic in 1 on 1 combat. That said, Falco has dealt with all kinds of robots and enemies in the past. I’d say that he will be fast enough to dodge the attacks and counter with his own laser gun. While Gamma is durable, he won’t be quite sturdy enough to take that kind of damage. Falco will definitely wear him down and will ultimately get the win. Falco wins.

Master Mold vs Gamma

Suggested by Sonic Master Mold is fairly huge and also has a lot of power. If he were to land a direct hit on Gamma then that could be game over. That being said, Gamma is fast enough to take on Sonic at different points and his firepower is nothing to sneeze at. He was able to compete with Delta and the others. So if Master Mold is able to land a square hit that could be the game but I don’t see that happening. Gamma’s speed is what keeps him in the winner’s circle. Gamma wins.

Omega Red vs Gamma

Suggested by Sonic Gamma is a pretty fun Sonic robot. The guy had a really big role in Sonic DX and ended up getting pretty popular. He can fire off multiple blasts at a time and was able to keep up with Sonic. Ultimately he won’t be able to win this round due to Omega Red’s speed. He looked quite impressive in the Wolverine anime and his healing factor was sped up as well. He’ll be able to shrug off most of Gamma’s attacks and has enough savage power to break Gamma in a few moves. Omega Red wins.

Battra vs Gamma

Gamma is a pretty powerful robot and he was even able to give Sonic a good fight back in the day. Battra is a Kaiju of unimaginable power, but I still don’t think that he has what it takes to defeat Gamma. Gamma can fly at impressive speeds and his laser blasts will definitely eat away at Battra’s life points. Battra just won’t be able to hang in there. Gamma wins.

Gamma vs Lazerman

Lazerman has his legendary disruption beam! With it he can cause a lot of damage and even take down Gamma once and for all! Gamma is powerful, but he’s never went up a being quite like Lazerman before! I’d say that Lazerman has the speed advantage in this round and takes the win. Lazerman wins.

Sonic vs Gamma

Gamma is back and this time he’s up against Sonic! Sonic has superb speed and has won his share of battles in the past. With his hand to hand skills and Super Sonic form he definitely takes this round. Gamma has a lot of weapons, but they just couldn’t overpower Sonic. Sonic wins.

Gamma vs Omega

Gamma is back. Of course this time he’s fighting a more improved version of himself. Omega is everything Gamma is except he’s slower and stronger. In the end his strength wins the day. Gamma’s strong, but in the end he can’t match up to Omega’s Chaos beam. Not to mention that Omega has a machine gun. Omega wins.

Roulette (DC) vs Gamma

Gamma was able to match his might against someone of Sonic’s caliber (Sonic) Roulette (DC) couldn’t do that. Roulette (DC) may know how to fight hand to hand a little, but in the end she’s still no match for Gamma. Gamma finally moves up in the blog ranks and shows everyone who’s boss. Gamma wins.

Metal Sonic vs Gamma

Gamma is here to avenge Omega. With his giant cannon he knows he will except He didn’t know that he was up against the World’s strongest robot. Gamma can fight as hard as he wants but he can’t beat Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic has yet to lose to a robot and never will. Metal Sonic wins.