Wild Jango vs Zeraora

Suggested by Anonymous Wild Jango is definitely a maverick who has always been one of my favorites from Command Mission. His punishing electric attacks are a lot of fun to watch and the guy loves a good fight. I believe he will have met his match with Zeraora though. This Pokemon is fine with electricity and has more speed than Jango will know what to do with. Zeraora also has his electric barrier which protects from enemy attacks. In a battle of two powerful forces like in this film, the one with the superior speed has a significant edge. Zeraora wins.

Zeraora vs Pikachu

This is a tribute to Detective Pikachu. While Pikachu may not have been quite the detective he was thought to be, the guy had heart. At the end of the day he didn’t back down from any challenge and that’s always a good thing. Pikachu’s historically been one of the stronger Pokemon out there and I’d say that he is more than a match for this guy. Zeraora is a strong thunder type as well and he’s also extremely fast, but Pikachu just barely edges him out in that department. Pikachu wins.