Pikachu vs Bisharp

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa It’s time for Bisharp to return, but his blades aren’t sharp enough to cut Pikachu’s momentum. Pikachu’s one of the fastest Pokemon on the planet. It’s actually quite impressive just how powerful he is. You would not guess that he is just a normal Pokemon and not a legendary from watching him battle. Bisharp will be completely overwhelmed here. He’s just not in the same league as Pikachu and that will become clear as the match goes on. He doesn’t have the stamina to fight at such a high level for very long. Pikachu wins.


14 thoughts on “Pikachu vs Bisharp

  1. This would be a cool battle, but Pikachu could possibly defeat Bisharp easily with his confusing and fast attacks

    Way to go, Pikachu!

  2. Ok so this battle would be confusing

    For one what version of pikachu are we talking about, is it anime pikachu or game pikachu
    and two, is it ash’s pikachu or not

    This first part will be anime ash’s pikachu
    Ok so for this one its REALLY confusing, cause pikachu’s feats are completely weird, one moment he goes toe to toe with legendary pokemon and sometimes comes out on top, and then there are times when he fucking loses to a level 5 snivy thats never battled before. so feats are reall confusing, whats more confusing is that it depends on what moves both pikachu and bisharp have. and im not going into full depth on every possible outcome. So overall it could go either way for this one, but considering in a 1 on 1 match i think pikachu and his weird ass plot armour (in which i dont actually mean) would win more then bisharp would.

    Now for in game pikachu, its fucking dead, like gg’s bisharp is ripping a regular pikachu to shreds in the games.

    if its in game pikachu’s but ash’s version then its another could go either way, ash’s pikachu’s in game version is surprisingly good, its likely faster and its special attack is good, so it could go either way agian, though i feel like bisharp would win more due to its moveset, even if pikachu was faster, bisharp has access to sucker punch, hell assuming if pikachu can even one shot bisharp anyway.

    • It’s composite Pikachu but Ash’s is definitely the strongest so picture him for the most part. This guy’s fought off legendaries and has volt tackle which approaches light speed. It’s hard to see Bisharp managing to stay in the game because landing hits would be nearly impossible. The speed difference between the two of them is just way too crazy at this point. Securing victory would be just too much for him.

      • If we really are talking about ash’s pikachu then it can go either way, it would also depend on how strong the bisharp pikachu is fighting is, it could be georgia’s bisharp or alians bisharp,once agian it depends, however in a 1 on 1 fight it seems as pikachu does have a better chance at winning then bisharp does due to ash’s pikachu being on fucking steroids that multiplies all his stats by fucking 20x

      • Yeah Ash’s Pikachu is incredibly broken. I don’t see him going down here. Bisharp is talented in his own right for sure but Ash’s Pikachu has gone up against even legendary Pokemon in the past

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