Molly Wright vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Men in Black International. Even as a new cadet Molly showed that she was far more proficient in combat than 99% of the MIB members so she definitely had to win this round. She has a gun and knows how to use it which is far more than I can say for the One Above All. TOAA just isn’t the kind of cosmic being who has gotten any practical combat experience. That is a pretty big problem since that means he is simply outmatched by just about everyone he comes across. One shot should end him. Molly Wright wins.

8 thoughts on “Molly Wright vs One Above All

    • TOAA should be, but he’s never proven himself to be all that tough. I’m thinking he’s actually not that strong and simply doesn’t want anyone to find out

  1. He’s literally stated to be more powerful than Thanos. Thanos is essentially afraid of him same with Adam Warlock.

  2. TOAA doesn’t need “combat experience” as you say, as he is a being that cannot be affected by anything Molly throws at him as he is an all powerful, which is omnipotent. He also is literally omniscient, being able know exactly how to defeat anyone, and can do so because his powers supersede literally everyone. He literally created The Living Tribunal, a being who has incalcuable levels of strength and is the embodiment of the multiverse. This means that TOAA has levels of power that cannot be comprehended, and even a skilled MIB agent like Molly can’t do much of anything against him. He transcends the very plane of existence and has influence over just about anything.

    You can’t just take a character from a universe who has been established as basically a god of the entire universe, and strip away his powers because he hasn’t shown any feats . That’s not representing what TOAA is supposed to be in his universe, that’s essentially nerfing his established powers. A multiverse level being who could be considered a god, who is everywhere at once isn’t going to be getting what we consider combat experience, because it’s not necessary for such a being. He already knows everything, is infinitely powerful, and is everywhere at once. “Combat experience” means literally nothing.
    And this is coming from someone who doesn’t read Marvel or keep up with its story for the most part.

    • Right, but everything you’re saying there is stuff we’re just supposed to believe. If the One Above All really is that powerful then I want him to prove that to me somehow. I need to actually see him throw someone to show his physical feats or firing an energy blast for projectiles. Molly has proven that she can do such things which gives her an edge here. TOAA is still unproven in combat and that’s definitely the big issue for him.

      • If you’re using a fictional character who has such ambiguous powers to you, why are you using him in the first place?
        Like if I’m using the Abrahamic God as a fictional character in a battle, I have to use the powers he is said to have.Do I believe he did any of those things scripture says he did? Not at all. But if i’m using him in this context I have to use said abilities. This applies to any fictional godlike character, TOAA included.
        And if your argument is, “They have fictional sources to back up their use in this type of battle” Then this brings me back to the first question I have.If you use a character that you believe has no experience, no power and is basically a sitting duck, why use him? It’d pointless if you don’t take all of his lore and powers into account

      • As to why I put TOAA in the blog, it’s because he’s a character just like the others and I allow all fictional characters with few exceptions. (Characters who are also real people so some historical comics/anime don’t count since they’re all real, or generic animals, zombies, and vampires except for ones who are already on the site) TOAA is someone who needed to be in, but he is subject to the feats rules like everyone else. Cosmic beings in general tend to be pretty low tier because all they can do is mess with reality and talk a good game. You need to be a true fighter to really have a chance here. He effectively is a sitting duck, but that’s just the price that he had to pay

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