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Darth Nihilus vs Bass

I’d like to say that Darth Nihilus has a shot at winning this round, but he’s really out of his league. Bass is simply too powerful and a quick Dark Arm Blade will be able to end this in a single hit. That’s because Bass has speed on such a high level to accompany his raw power. Bass has never lost a round yet and at this rate, that may not change anytime soon! Bass wins.

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Darth Nihilus vs Sarah Kerrigan

Both of these fighters are powerful psychics. (If you believe The Force to be a kind of psychic technique anyway) Sarah Kerrigan’s power over the Zerg is tremendous and her abilities continue to evolve. Against the average foe, her psychic abilities would simply overwhelm them. Luckily for Darth Nihilus, he has his Lightsaber at the ready and his Force abilities are so great that he can life whole ships. I think Sarah will have a tough time trying to match him and she would eventually be defeated. Darth Nihilus wins.