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Tiki (Fire Emblem) vs Vegeta

Tiki can turn into a dragon and launch a lot of fierce fire attacks, but that isn’t enough to deter an opponent as powerful as Vegeta. Vegeta won’t even take damage from such an attack. Once he goes Super Saiyan then he can simply fire off a ki blast that would cut right through the fire attacks. Tiki isn’t fast enough to dodge Vegeta either which really limits her options here. There’s nothing she can really do to win here I’m afraid. Vegeta wins.

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Titania vs Vegeta

Titania is known for having a good amount of super strength. It’s the real deal so lets not forget that, but at the same time it doesn’t matter a whole lot since Vegeta is much stronger than her. He’s also got a whole lot of long range options at his disposal so Titania won’t get close unless Vegeta allows it. One Big Bang Attack would be enough to end this match in the blink of an eye. Vegeta wins.

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Gaomon vs Vegeta

Gaomon has a whole lot of super forms so he won’t go down here very easily. That being said, I think Vegeta is definitely the character with the edge here. His super strength and speed are off the charts and he seems to get stronger and stronger with every arc. Gaomon is out of luck here because his physical stats just aren’t quite good enough to match up to Vegeta’s. It’s like a cub taking on a lion. Vegeta wins.

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Wonder Girl vs Vegeta

Wonder Girl is a pretty underratted character if you ask me. She seems like a lot of fun and has a very good set of super powers. She’s like Supergirl in a lot of ways. Still, that doesn’t mean that she is ready to take down someone like Vegeta yet. Vegeta surpasses her in all stats and that’s unlikely to change in the near future. She can make the fight interesting, but she won’t be winning it. Vegeta wins.

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Maya Natsume vs Vegeta

Vegeta continues his reign of terror and I think this is a good point to mention that he has the ability to go Super Saiyan 3. In that form Vegeta’s starts are completely off the charts and I don’t even think Maya would be able to damage him. It’s extremely hard to win in a situation like that and I dare say that it may even be impossible. Vegeta is the Prince of All Saiyans and has certainly earned the title. He won’t be losing here. Vegeta wins.

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Nergal vs Vegeta

Vegeta is back yet again. Nergal is reasonably powerful, but he is certainly not as Vegeta’s league. Vegeta could end the universe in an instant if he so desired. That’s real power and no amount of spells will be able to counter that. Vegeta’s speed is also absolutely incredible and he could be halfway across the world before Nergal has a chance to blink. How do you defeat an enemy like that? Vegeta wins.

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Wendy Marvell vs Vegeta

Wendy Marvell is a pretty tough member of Fairy Tail who has proven herself many times over. She can hit Vegeta with a lot of long range wind abilities to keep him at a distance and those attacks will certainly begin to take their toll as the match rages on. Still, she doesn’t have anything that will ultimately be able to knock him out so a victory is still out of fight. Once he goes Super Saiyan then it’s all over. Vegeta wins.

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Myotismon vs Vegeta

Myotismon is a fierce Digimon who has many super forms. His abilities only seem to grow with each new incarnation, but he is not yet at the level where he can hope to stop Vegeta. Vegeta can end the whole galaxy in a single shot. There’s also no attack at Myotismon’s disposal which could cause him any significant injury. As such, victory is all but guaranteed for the Saiyan. Vegeta wins.

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Xehanort vs Vegeta

Xehanort is certainly a skilled fighter, but he’s not ready to deal with someone like Vegeta. Vegeta is the Prince of All Saiyans and as such his abilities are considerably greater than that of Xehanort’s. His Big Bang Attack can wipe out a planet in an instant and with his speed Vegeta can dodge all of Xehanort’s counters with ease. It’s a one sided match from start to finish. Vegeta wins.

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Kain Highwind vs Vegeta

Kain Highwind has returned, but he’s definitely out of his league against Vegeta. Vegeta’s been around the block many times before and he definitely knows how to win. He’s got many different Super Saiyan forms at his disposal and each one is stronger than the last. He can destroy whole solar systems in a single shot and that’s a level of power that is just hard to fight. What can you do against someone who can obliterate everything with a wave of his hand? Vegeta wins.