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Melter vs Vegeta

The Melter’s whole gimmick is that his flames can melt away at you, but it won’t mean much when you consider that Vegeta’s aura can block any attack that is thrown his way. Vegeta can easily bust the planet as well to avoid even having to bother dodging/blocking. The Melter just isn’t in the same league as this Saiyan and so he never had a chance from the start. One attack will end this. Vegeta wins.

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Chunk vs Melter

Suggested by Destroyer The Melter is one of those villains who tends to be treated like a joke. It’s not that he’s downright weak or anything, but his skills haven’t kept up with the times. Most of Ironman’s armors just can’t be melted so easily anymore and that was Melter’s whole gimmick. Still, he can definitely light the Chunk ablaze and still claim a victory there. There’s still hope for this fighter. Melter wins.