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Gaomon vs Vegeta

Gaomon has a whole lot of super forms so he won’t go down here very easily. That being said, I think Vegeta is definitely the character with the edge here. His super strength and speed are off the charts and he seems to get stronger and stronger with every arc. Gaomon is out of luck here because his physical stats just aren’t quite good enough to match up to Vegeta’s. It’s like a cub taking on a lion. Vegeta wins.


3 thoughts on “Gaomon vs Vegeta”

  1. Yeah, Gaomon unfortunately loses…
    But if he’s in his Mega form, MirageGaogamon, he might be able to fight Vegeta easier.

      1. Yup, but i guess DBZ characters would have more fun with fighting Mega Digimon than Rookies.
        (granted, i’m not too familiar with DBZ since i didn’t watch/read/play it in very long time but i know that the characters are strong)

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