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Petey Piranha vs Vegeta

Petey Piranha is a pretty big Mario enemy who does have a good amount of super strength at his disposal. He may be slow, but he has managed to be a thorn in Mario’s side for a long time. Vegeta won’t have a problem here so long as he goes all out from the start. He can lay waste to the planet without even being nearby and there won’t really be anything that Petey can do against him. Even if Vegeta decides to stay up close and personal, his defense is too high to be pierced. Vegeta wins.

Battles, Petey Piranha Battles, Piranha Plant Battles

Petey Piranha vs Piranha Plant

Suggested by Sonic Petey Piranha is a pretty powerful Mario villain and I’m actually surprised that he had not fought on the blog prior to this as all of the other Piranhas had. (Dino Piranha, Piranha Plant, Peewee Piranha, etc) Piranha Plant is a tough fighter and all, but he’s definitely not quite in the same league as Petey Piranha. Petey can swing his cages with immense power and also has a lot of durability. There’s no way a normal plant can stop him. Petey Piranha wins.