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Mordru vs Vegeta

Vegeta is back once again and it’s looking like he has been able to rack up a ton of wins lately. Mordru definitely isn’t ready for this kind of power and a whole lifetime of training wouldn’t be sufficient. Vegeta is simply a rare find. He’s a being who is one of the strongest in the multiverse and I doubt that’ll change anytime soon. He never stops training after all so it’s not like he would get lazy or anything. Transforming only helps him become stronger and stronger and now he is one of the few fighters on the site to reach 100 wins. Vegeta wins.

Battles, Mordru Battles, Phoebe Halliwell Battles

Phoebe Halliwell vs Mordru

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of spell casters. Phoebe Halliwell has a lot of good spells and can use her abilities both offensively and defensively. Meanwhile Mordru is more of a pure offense guy, however his offense is far greater than Phoebe’s. He can break through any defenses that she has in play and he will probably make it look easy. I don’t see her going far against someone as talented as he is. Mordru will just keep chipping away at her until he is able to claim victory. Mordru wins.