Broly vs Vegeta

Suggested by BassisweakerthanBruceLee Broly is back but he’s a little out of his depth this time. He absolutely crushed Vegeta the last time they fought but Vegeta has gotten a new mode since then and we also can’t discount the fusion option. As long as that is on the table, Broly just won’t be able to defeat Vegeta. Goku and Vegeta will always be the 1A and 1B fighters of the DB verse. It’s hard to picture anyone surpassing them for very long and Broly would need another super big power up to try and make it close. Vegeta wins.


2 thoughts on “Broly vs Vegeta

  1. This should be quite a brawl. I agree with your result! Once Vegeta or Thor decide to go nuclear on an opponent, it is curtains. The same is true for Superman.

    How about Thor vs Black Adam? Since magic does not weaken Thor, Black Adam’s main asset is neutralized

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