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Vegeta vs Namora

Namora is very skilled under the water. Saiyans can’t breathe when submerged so she could maybe win if she keeps Vegeta down there long enough, but it’s not the most practical plan as he could just break the Earth underneath it to drain the water. Vegeta is effectively invincible so defeating him is simply out of the question for most fighters. I’m afraid that Namora would not be able to do all that much here. Vegeta wins.

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Erica Baxter vs Namora

Suggested by iKnowledge Erica Baxter is a fairly skilled mermaid, but her abilities aren’t quite as outlandish as Namora’s. Namora has a solid degree of super strength and super speed which continue to aid her in combat even once she is on land. Erica’s boosts aren’t nearly as drastic and so she will be completely outmatched here. Namora is essentially a stronger version of Erica. Namora wins.