Dazzler vs Bakugo

Dazzler is a pretty capable fighter who uses her lights in a way that actually works as an offensive attack. She can concentrate it into energy form and blast away at her opponents. That won’t be enough to stop Bakugo though. His explosive abilities will help him block out the light and it also gives him great combat speed. It will take everything Dazzler has at her disposal in order to keep up with him. Ultimately she just won’t be able to last very long. Bakugo wins.

Dazzler (DC) vs Dazzler

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Dazzler to make her debut on the blog. Surprisingly she had not fought before now. The other Dazzler is an obscure Green Lantern villain. He has powerful mind bolts and telepathy which can definitely be handy but it won’t be enough here. Dazzler’s powerful light beams will keep the guy from being able to focus and she can also use her light as an offensive weapon as well. She has more fighting experience and her abilities are more versatile than DC’s which will result in her win. Dazzler wins.