Bakugo vs Popcorn

There were a lot of comparisons to Bakugo when Popcorn came out and for good reason. They both have an explosion ability, a similar hairstyle, and the same black tank top. That said, Bakugo is far more powerful with the feats that he has shown so far. It would be very difficult for Popcorn to even try and keep up with him. These two are just on different levels and I’d trust Bakugo’s speed under pressure more than Popcorn’s. Bakugo wins.

Jack Ryan vs Popcorn

Popcorn is certainly not a name that you would think of for a villain. It’s hard to even say 100% if that’s really his super villain name since Candy Flurry was really vague with that at times but since most of the villains are named after their power and the fans call him Popcorn that seems reasonable to me. Jack Ryan is good with a gun and can throw a mean punch when needed but at the end of the day he won’t be doing much in this battle. One explosion will take him out. Popcorn wins.