Bakugo vs Gordie

Gordie is a pretty tough Pokemon fighter. He’s got several rock Pokemon and even a random Shuckle at his disposal. Everyone knows that you don’t want to mess with Shuckle, but Bakugo’s still got this in the bag. He will have to fight carefully here with a lot of hit and run tactics, but that won’t be a problem for him. You also have to account for the fact that Bakugo got a considerable power up in the big MHA movie which further widens the gap between him and Gordie. Bakugo wins.

Earthrock Trilobyte vs Gordie

Suggested by Anonymous Gordie is a pretty talented Gym Leader from Pokemon Sword. He’s relatively new so he doesn’t have a ton of Pokemon up his sleeve, but the 5 that he does have will be enough here. Earthrock is a pretty powerful maverick that attacks with moving walls and energy blasts, but it won’t be enough here. Gordie’s best Pokemon is his Tyranitar who can certainly power through anything that Earthrock tries. Gordie wins.