Tournament Smashers Episode 32 Goku vs Hulk

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Bruce Banner was in a store eating a sandwich. “Gimme your sandwich,” one drunk guy said as he grabbed it. “Let go sir,” Bruce Banner said as he struggled for a bit, but the guy yanked it away. Bruce Banner ran out of the store, but banged a tree. He hit the ground hard and someone stepped on him.

“Hulk Smash!” Bruce Banner yelled as he turned into the Hulk. “Hulk the strongest there is!” he yelled as he jumped into the air and landed far away. He landed on Goku! He saw a blue being chasing another being, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to beat up on Goku now that he was already down.

“Hulk Smash!” Hulk yelled as he punched Goku. Goku woke up with a start as his Ki pushed Hulk into a mountain. “Whoa……,” Goku thought as he calmed down. It was just a Hulk who was after him. Goku didn’t mind such an easy win after his recent defeat, but he knew this match might not be much fun.

“Hulk not sure why Hulk so tired, but Hulk Smash!” Hulk yelled as he punched Goku in the stomach. “Hulk’s Arm!” Hulk yelled as he hit the ground. “Sorry about your arm breaking, but you should never punch a saiyan with a fist that weak,” Goku said as he walked to the nearest Arby’s for a cheeseburger and fries. “Hulk not understand so many big words, but Hulk Smash!” Hulk yelled as he punched Arby’s.

“Why nothing falling down?” Hulk asked as he looked at Arby’s. “I’m keeping the place afloat using my superb Ki control,” Goku said as he took a bite out of his cheeseburger. “Nothing like Arby’s for a nice Cheeseburger!” Goku exclaimed as he got up to go get his refill of soda.

Hulk tried to grab Goku, but he ended up being dragged along. “Why you not get pushed!” Hulk yelled as he hit the ground. “Hulk Smash!” he yelled as he punched at Goku. Goku caught the punch with one hand. “Hulk the strongest…there is!” he yelled as Goku threw him across the country.

The Hulk landed on a patch of Power Stars. “Hulk Smash!” Hulk yelled as he grabbed a star. Goku appeared and snatched it. “Star is Hulk’s!” Hulk yelled as he tried to grab it back. “No Hulk, you’re not hardcore enough to use it,” Goku said as he kicked Hulk into a mountain.

“Hulk scared,” Hulk said as Goku appeared. “You just think that you are,” Goku said as he powered up. “Hulk Smaaaash,” Hulk yelled as he was blasted into the sky. Even Hulk knew that he could never defeat a saiyan warrior like Goku. It was basically impossible!

Hulk turned into Bruce Banner. “GOKU!” he yelled as he charged towards Goku. Goku rolled his eyes, but the speed and power of the roll knocked Bruce out. “Well, at least that was a nice and easy win, but I wish that the Hulk was a bit….STRONGER!” Goku exclaimed as he laughed. The laugh could be heard for hours and miles as Goku left. Bruce Banner clenched his fist and in his sleep yelled…”Hulk Smash!” Could he be planning to win his next match!?

2 thoughts on “Tournament Smashers Episode 32 Goku vs Hulk

  1. Writing style is great but I feel Hulk got underrated in this face off. With combatants like these, a proper way would be a fulfilling, epic showdown with lots of spectacle. Hulk doesn’t feel fear or tire either.

    • True, I consider the fight to be such a huge blowout that I mostly just had fun with the whole thing. Honestly, I don’t see Hulk being able to inflict any damage to Goku here. Hulk’s strongest punch would be effortlessly caught by Goku imo.

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