Saber vs Superman

Superman is very powerful so this will likely be a controversial match, but it’s been a while since I had one of those. Saber’s noble phantasm has enough power to deal major damage to the Man of Steel and her speed is enough so that she will be able to keep up with him. Superman may be able to eradicate solar systems and he is faster than light, but Saber has her sword skills and I believe that Excalibur could definitely pierce through Superman’s defenses. Saber’s short range movement speed is incredible and she would be able to dodge Superman as his combat speed isn’t quite up to par. After a few solid hits, Saber would claim victory. Saber wins.

12 thoughts on “Saber vs Superman

    • He has shown glimpses of high speed reactions in those cases against the Flash, but he tends to have trouble going on the offensive. He usually has to take quite a few hits before analyzing the speed and then finally tagging the Flash. Granted, one tag is usually all that he needs, but he can’t afford to let Saber land a few shots with her sword as its magic/lethal stabbing effects will deal him a lot of damage

    • Her Noble Phantasm would still be able to hit him and Superman’s heat vision just wouldn’t post a threat to Saber. Eventually, one of them would have to give and then the battle would start all over again

  1. But how’s Saber even going to scratch someone who can survive three supernovas to the face and can carry 400 quintillion tonnes? Plus(in this place) Superman has Mjolnir and the Shield of America right? Now harder question: How would the results go if you removed the blog hax and make it just bare essentials and home series context?

    • I don’t think Superman would take too well to her magical abilities though. I just consider Saber’s combat speed to be far greater than Superman’s and she should be able to dodge all of his attacks as a result. Superman’s durability can be insane at its strongest points in the comics, but I definitely think Excalibur could pierce him and thus, destroy him.

      So, no composite right? I’d still go with Saber in this case, but that would certainly change hundreds of fights on this site for sure. Some characters really benefit from that rule like Spider Man, Invisible Woman, Batman, and Wolverine. Superman and Saber really don’t benefit from the rule all that much, I don’t think that the rule leaving would actually negate any win for either character although it could overturn some losses somewhere.

  2. I thought of a way for Saber to win: shake Superman’s hand and incinerate him with her hotness.
    BTW, I wanna watch Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works(series) yet I’m finding difficulty locating either online.

    • I suppose that works! I saw Fate/Zero a while back, but I definitely wasn’t a fan of that one. I’ll probably check out Unlimited Blade at some point. If necessary, I believe that Fate/Zero came out on DVD or is streamed at Hulu or something. It did get an English dub so I figure it must be around somewhere.

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