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Senor Pink vs Officer Jenny

Suggested by Sonic Senor Pink is a fairly powerful One Piece villain although I won’t say that he was super impressive compared to a lot of previous ones. He gave Franky a good fight which has to count for something. The guy relies on physical power though so he isn’t really well equipped for fights against multiple opponents. That’s what is really going to hurt him in this battle. Jenny has a ton of Pokemon at her disposal including some pretty fierce ones like Arcanine. I think the numbers are going to be too much for Pink and he will end up raising the white flag. Officer Jenny wins.

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Saber vs Senor Pink

Senor Pink may act tough, but he would be quickly overwhelmed by Saber’s incredible sword skills. It wouldn’t take her very long to defeat such an opponent so this is basically the end of the road for him. Pink just doesn’t have any attacks at his disposal that would be quick enough to hit Saber. Saber wins.

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Lazerman vs Senor Pink

Senor Pink is back and he’s ready to rummmmble! Unfortunately for his few fans, Senor Pink doesn’t have what it takes to defeat someone like Lazerman. Lazerman has the disruption blast at his disposal and one hit would definitely take Senor Pink down for the count. Senor Pink gave it his all, but his all just wasn’t enough. Lazerman wins.

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Senor Pink vs Bass

Senor Pink makes his blog debut, but he won’t be winning this round! He’s one of the worst One Piece characters to appear in a long time and it’s hard to forget the fact that he thinks himself to be a pretty powerful warrior. Bass will knock him down about 100 pegs as Senor Pink drops to the 0-1 spot! Bass wins.