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Wolverine vs Vegeta

This is a tribute to The Wolverine. Wolverine is pretty tough, but he’s just not tough enough to win this round. Vegeta can destroy planets in the blink of an eye. Wolverine has a nice healing factor, but it just won’t be enough. Vegeta can speedblitz him all day, but one hit is all that he needs. Vegeta wins.

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Wolverine vs Thor

Thor is back and he’s up against Wolverine! Thor has some pretty impressive power, but I’d say that Wolverine has the hand to hand advantage. With phoenix power at his side, defeating Wolverine is going to be pretty tough. I don’t think it will be done this time. Wolverine wins.

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Squirrel Girl vs Wolverine

You’ve gotta admit that Squirrel Girl is pretty good at hand to hand combat. Did you see how she just pwned Wolverine!? Still, I think Wolverine should be able to win this match quite handily. He has his regeneration abilities and also has the Phoenix Force to help him take the easy win. Wolverine wins.

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Freddy Krueger vs Wolverine

Freddy Krueger is back and this time he’s up against Wolverine! Well Wolverine has the Dark Phoenix force with him and with one shot could probably melt Freddy Krueger. Freddy Krueger is strong, but facing the Phoenix Force may be a bit too difficult for him. The Phoenix is not to be underestimated. Wolverine wins.

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Wolverine vs Samus

Wolverine is back and this time he’s up against Samus. This match could get close, power wise Wolverine’s definitely tough with his Dark Phoenix form. Of course Samus has the edge in speed thanks to the gba games. In fire power I’d also have to lean towards Samus and her Zero Laser. Wolverine loses this close fight. Samus wins.

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Harry Potter vs Wolverine

Harry Potter may be a skilled magician, but in the end he has no chance against an opponent of Wolverine’s ability. Wolverine’s claws are made of a material so powerful, that not even solid steel can stand against it! One slash and Harry Potter’s wand is toast. Wolverine’s just too powerful. Wolverine wins.

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Wonder Woman vs Wolverine

Wolverine has his claws and with them he’s taken down many opponents. Of course Wonder Woman is far too fast for him and could take him out with some good combos. Wolverine has Phoenix Form, but the Phoenix isn’t quite strong enough to win this round. Wolverine drops down the rankings. Wonder Woman wins.

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Hulk vs Wolverine

Wolverine has his claws, the power cosmic, and the Phoenic Force. These 3 things are his biggest assets in this match. Wolverine has his speed as well as his fighting skills. Hulk has the power cosmic, but no Phoenix.

Of course with his impressive brute strength he usually doesn’t need such things. With one punch he can take out worlds. Hulk is just far too dangerous to lose many matches and is why many would take him over Wolverine.

This match is definitely a tough call and is a close fight to the end, but in the end I’m gonna have to go with Wolverine on this one. Phoenix + Cosmic = Win. Wolverine wins.

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Wolverine vs Maverick

Maverick was always a tough guy. With his skills you knew that he could pwn someone pretty fast. Wolverine and Maverick made the ultimate tag team. Of course nothing lasts forever and now Wolverine’s a solo operative. He takes down guys like Maverick for breakfast. Maverick can’t take down Wolverine and quite frankly…he never could! Wolverine is just far too powerful for him and gets himself yet another win. Wolverine wins.