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Wonder Woman vs Wolverine

Wolverine has his claws and with them he’s taken down many opponents. Of course Wonder Woman is far too fast for him and could take him out with some good combos. Wolverine has Phoenix Form, but the Phoenix isn’t quite strong enough to win this round. Wolverine drops down the rankings. Wonder Woman wins.

6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman vs Wolverine”

  1. I’ll give you one thing; this is a cool picture. Otherwise, this is possibly even more ridiculous and absurd than Wolverine vs. Hulk. This “battle” shouldn’t last more than five seconds before Diana hands Wolvie his own head on a silver platter. And I’m a Marvel-before-DC kind of fan, but seriously, Wolverine’s got his strong points, but Superman-level strength and speed aren’t among them. And Diana is his match in fighting skill, so that’s not going to be in his favor, either. Besides that, her body is way tougher than most anyone else’s (much like Hulk’s), so do we honestly think non-super-strength Wolvie is going to have the strength to puncture/slice her skin, let alone muscle and bone…?

    This one is purely for the adolescent Wolverine fan boys.

    1. Yeah, I agree that this is a major blowout. Wonder Woman could win in one punch, of course we can’t forget that Wolverine has Dark Phoenix form. Not that it really helps him much in this battle. Glad you agree with the outcome and I hope you stick around for future battles 🙂

      Though I actually had Wolverine beat the Hulk 😮

      1. Hmm. I’d be interested in your reasons for Wolvering beating Hulk. Is there a thread for it already?

        I do like these discussions so I plan to stick around. 🙂

      2. I’d have to say that I’m not familiar with the Phoenix Form you mentioned. So I’ll have to look into that.

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