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Hulk vs Wolverine

Wolverine has his claws, the power cosmic, and the Phoenic Force. These 3 things are his biggest assets in this match. Wolverine has his speed as well as his fighting skills. Hulk has the power cosmic, but no Phoenix.

Of course with his impressive brute strength he usually doesn’t need such things. With one punch he can take out worlds. Hulk is just far too dangerous to lose many matches and is why many would take him over Wolverine.

This match is definitely a tough call and is a close fight to the end, but in the end I’m gonna have to go with Wolverine on this one. Phoenix + Cosmic = Win. Wolverine wins.

13 thoughts on “Hulk vs Wolverine”

  1. The only way wolverine could win, is if the hulk grew bored or disinterested in beating wolverine do death, cosmic or no cosmic power, wolverine can
    not take the unrelenting beat down from the HULK’s Smash!

    1. Well Wolverine has the Phoenix Force and the power cosmic 😮 That’s a lot of fire power for one guy. Hulk is powerful, but I think Wolverine is too fast for the Hulk to be able to hit him. They both have great healing factors so the match would take a while 🙂

  2. first wolverine don’t have phoenix force,people who have it are Jean Grey,Rook’shir,Feron,Necrom,Fongji,Madelyne Pryor,Rachel Summers,Professor X,Diamanda Nero,Prime,Amber Hunt,Foxfire,Quentin Quire,Emma Frost,Stepford Cuckoos,Korvus,Captain Marvel,Cyclops,Colossus,Magik,Namor,Hope Summers….you can look this up. an ahhh hello the HULK CANT DIE THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS A CHANCE IS THE JOKER HE CAN MAKE LAUGHING TOXIC WHICH WILL ALWAYS SHRINK THE HULK SOUNDS WEIRD BUT ITS TRUE HULK NEEDS TO BE MAD HOW CAN HE BE MAD AROUND THE JOKER 😉

    1. Wolverine got the Phoenix during the astonishing Spidey and Wolverine series 🙂

      The Hulk is tough, and the Joker theory is a good one, but I think Wolverine has this 🙂

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