Shang Chi vs Wolverine

Shang Chi is back once again and he’s up against Wolverine! That’s a pretty tricky match up for any hero and Shang Chi won’t be able to overcome such an opponent. Wolverine definitely has the clear advantage in this battle and he’s not about to lose this round. His healing factor is very potent and is can rarely be overcome. Wolverine wins.

5 thoughts on “Shang Chi vs Wolverine

  1. Shang Chi would actually easily win. Like, very easily. Aside from the fact that Wolverine’s healing factor wouldn’t help in the slightest(healing doesn’t protect from a KO), Shang has already beaten Captain America(who I might add, has beaten Wolverine twice), and stalemated Black Panther(BP beat Wolverine on every occasion they fight, which has been about 5 times iirc). Both of these times were without Shang’s powers. Shang with powers has beaten Iron Fist, Daredevil, Saber-tooth, Wolverine(so, that already determines this fight), ect. Logan stands no chance.

    • Now keep in mind that the blog has composite rules so Wolverine has his Phoenix Force at the ready. If this wasn’t a composite fight then it would definitely get pretty tricky. Like you said, Shang Chi is definitely a better hand to hand fighter and Wolverine’s healing factor would only help him so much. He would certainly be in trouble

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