Juggernaut vs Havok

Suggested by Destroyer Havok has powerful energy blasts that can even rival Cyclops. That said, Juggernaut has built his whole reputation around having insane durability and raw power. Havok’s not going to really be dealing any lasting damage to him. Juggernaut will just power through the blasts and crush Havok in the blink of an eye. There wouldn’t be much he could do against that. Juggernaut wins.

Hedorah vs Havok

Suggested by Destroyer This is one match where Hedorah will ultimately falter. Havok is a very underrated Marvel character and that’s because he is usually written to be either a petty character or an inferior version of Cyclops. Despite this he is still a powerful fighter and his concussion blasts will have Hedorah down for the count. The fact that Havok can freely emit his blasts will make it all the easier to hit Hedorah with. Havok wins.

Sailor Moon vs Havok

Sailor moon is the Moon Princess and her abilities have impressed many people. That being said, I was never one of them. Sailor Moon’s only real abilities are typically vague energy blasts and a sword which she can use to a decent extent. Physically, she doesn’t have a great amount of speed or defense, which is her Big weakness. She wouldn’t last against Havok’s energy attacks. All she needs is a decent combat speed feat to tip the scales, but I don’t really see that happening. Havok wins.

Biollante vs Havok

Another easy win for Biollante right? Shockingly this is not the case! Havok’s energy blasts are very powerful and even Biollante wouldn’t last against them for long. Biollante may be a lot larger than Havok, but her attacks aren’t quick enough to hit him and Havok will just keep on blasting her until she is defeated. Biollante is in no position to stop him and eventually she would go down. Havok wins.

Thor vs Havok

I actually like Havok…or liked him anyway. I’m not sure about his current incarnation, but there’s no way that he could beat Thor. Let’s be real about this…his attacks should really have no effect on Thor. That’s like Firefly blasting Superman through a building. Thor just needs one good hit to knock Havok out of the fight. Thor wins.

Kumonga vs Havok

Kumonga’s a kaiju of immense power, but in the end he just won’t be able to take Havok down. Havok has some intense energy blasts. Not even Kumonga will be able to stand up to such an onslaught for long. Havok’s just far too powerful for Kumonga. Kumonga takes a hard loss in this round. Havok wins.

Psylocke vs Havok

This is one of those rare times when hand to hand skills trump energy blasts. Havok easily has the advantage in beams, but Psylocke can fly and also has beams. Plus she’s much better than Havok at hand to hand skills. This helps her take the win against Havok. Havok may be good, but in this battle he’s not good enough. Psylocke wins.

Godzilla Junior vs Havok

Godzilla Junior’s back again! Well, this is the end of the line for his win streak! Havok can shoot energy blasts of a lot of power and has even deadlocked them with Cyclop’s optic blasts! Godzilla Junior’s atomic breath is strong, but I’m not quite so sure it can take out Havok’s blasts. Havok wins.

Kamacuras vs Havok

Kamacuras is powerful, but in the end he can’t take down Havok. Havok has energy blasts of epic proportions and takes down Kamacuras quickly. Havok has showed abilities too great to even think about. His can emit energy all around him to prevent attacks from going thorugh. Kamacuras is doomed. Havok wins.

Human Fly vs Havok

“Cyclops isn’t the only Summers kid with powers!!!!” When I heard those words….I knew that Havok was someone you didn’t want too mess with. Not many characters can get an intro with that much epicness! Human Fly doesn’t really have any epicness too speak of and loses this epic match. Havok wins.