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Scarlet Witch vs Manthing

Suggested by Sonic Manthing is a pretty interesting character. He does feel like a watered down Swamp Thing for the most part but that doesn’t mean he’s weak. Still, Scarlet Witch won’t really have a problem with him. Her magical abilities far exceed any of Manthing’s moves and so she is in perfect position to score a decisive win here. A quick fire spell would deal massive damage and she can also fire off some solid normal energy blasts to have the same effect. Either way there’s no stopping her. Scarlet Witch wins.

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Manthing vs Hulk

Suggested by DarkLK Man Thing is pretty good at manipulating emotions and psyching out his opponents, but that won’t work so well against the Hulk. Hulk has always relied on his brute strength to win the day and it’s all that he will need here. As durable as Man Thing is, it simply won’t be enough to stand up to the Hulk’s punches. Man Thing isn’t nimble enough to try dodging and either way it would only pro long the inevitable since he can’t really hope to injure the green Goliath. Hulk wins.

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Imhotep vs Manthing

Manthing is probably out of Imhotep’s league at this point. Imhotep is an accomplished sand user and he can defend against many attacks by utilizing this ability. Unfortunately for Imhotep, Manthing has a lot of raw power and a single punch would deal heavy damage. Also, while Manthing is not as attuned to the elements as Swamp Thing; he has enough experience to know just where to go in order to win. Manthing wins.

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Manthing vs Lazerman

Manthing is on the blog once again to try and take down the mighty Lazerman! That’s no small feat of course! Few can hope to even challenge Lazerman’s awesome power after all. Manthing can use his abilities to try and evade Lazerman for a while, but it wouldn’t be forever. Lazerman wins.

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Black Tom Cassidy vs Manthing

Black Tom Cassidy is back to pwn. From his staff he can fire energy blasts and he also has a plant form. Of course Manthing has very strong super strength he lacks speed. He just doesn’t have the speed or beam power to take on Black Tom Cassidy. Black Tom Cassidy rises up the ranks with this win. Black Tom Cassidy wins.

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Manthing vs Tengu Shredder

Tengu Shredder has his energy sword and he can fire energy blasts. Of course Manthing can teleport and has pretty impressive strength. This battle will be a tough one, but Manthing lacks speed and that’s why he loses this round. Tengu Shredder gets himself a win and rises up the ranks. Tengu Shredder wins.