Clayface vs Cell


Suggested by Anonymous Clayface may not be the flashiest Batman villain on the block but his powers are actually quite lethal. I would consider him to be one of the Dark Knight’s toughest foes even if his intellect isn’t particularly high. Still, there isn’t much he can do about blowing up the planet. Cell is simply too fast and frankly, Cell is too powerful as well. There is nothing Clayface can do. Cell wins.

5 thoughts on “Clayface vs Cell

  1. I have to say Clayface because he’s my favourite Batman villain. Of ourse now he’s working with Batman & Batwoman’s team in Detective Comics, but I still think he’s awesome 🙂

    • I enjoyed him a lot in The Batman. I thought they did a good job of delving into his human side as well as the Clayface persona. His powers would definitely be a blast to have since they’re so versatile

      • Oh, yes indeed, I think Clayface was great in that. I’ve always liked the character, think its about time he was a major villain in a Batman movie maybe as well, that’d be awesome 🙂

      • I’d definitely be down with that! With all the rewrites the Batman film has been getting, maybe there’s still a chance that they will add him in

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