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Goku vs Tulkas

Suggested by iKnowledge Tulkas is a reasonably strong fighter who knows how to land a good punch. However, that will not be enough to stop the Saiyan known as Goku. Goku’s abilities are on a completely different level and I can count on one hand the amount of fighters who can hold their own against him. It’s a very short list and Goku has lived up to his title as one of the strongest fighters in history. Goku wins.

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Tulkas vs Doomsday


Suggested by IKnowledge Tulkas is no match for Doomsday but then again, you could say the same for anyone else in the LOTR franchise. Doomsday is just wayyyy too powerful for any of these challengers. As it stands, he was able to give Superman a good fight. Tulkas may be physically powerful, but he couldn’t match such a feat. Doomsday wins.