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Goku vs Tulkas

Suggested by iKnowledge Tulkas is a reasonably strong fighter who knows how to land a good punch. However, that will not be enough to stop the Saiyan known as Goku. Goku’s abilities are on a completely different level and I can count on one hand the amount of fighters who can hold their own against him. It’s a very short list and Goku has lived up to his title as one of the strongest fighters in history. Goku wins.

2 thoughts on “Goku vs Tulkas”

  1. I still think Tulkas still has a chance. Besides what other bloggers and commenters have said about Tulkas earlier, Goku is only a mortal. Bring to mind this: Job 38:4-31- Now, I know Goku was made a god at the end of the old DBZ series, but as I recall, he has trouble with Bills/Beerus, a being who could destroy Galaxies. The Valar and Maiar designed Middle-Earth’s Cosmos. If Goku could beat Tulkas, it would be the equivalent of Genesis 32:22-31. since a man wrestles with an Angel. Even if Jacob is not killed, it still shows a remarkable level of Strength, unless his hip is touched. Anyways, that’s my 6 euros.

    1. Tulkas is tough, but I would need to see more of him in action to see if he can really stand up to someone like Krillin, let alone Goku. The Bible doesn’t really help Tulkas’ case since that’s about real events which occurred a long time ago while Tulkas is purely fictional. Most of Tulkas’ feats are from legends and heresay, without many actual feats to support him. That’s where things get tricky for the guy

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