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Tulkas vs Doomsday


Suggested by IKnowledge Tulkas is no match for Doomsday but then again, you could say the same for anyone else in the LOTR franchise. Doomsday is just wayyyy too powerful for any of these challengers. As it stands, he was able to give Superman a good fight. Tulkas may be physically powerful, but he couldn’t match such a feat. Doomsday wins.

8 thoughts on “Tulkas vs Doomsday”

  1. Well…both of them are immortal….I mean, Tulkas is. I’m sure about Doomsday, seen as how he was killed, whereas none of the Valar have ever had their lives ended. Their spirits don’t need a physical body in order stay “alive”. When their physical forms ARE destroyed, their immortal spirits can just reconstruct themselves. In a case presented before, they can return more powerful than ever.
    Their physical forms are kinda like Superman wearing armor. They don’t need these forms, but daaaaaaang do they look good.
    The only way to disturb this process is by weakening their spirits directly via the spiritual plane.
    Doomsday can’t do that.
    Almost NO ONE can do that

    Look, I don’t think you know enough about Tulkas to decide this match-up.
    You’re basing everything on the movie adaptations rather than looking at brilliant work and illustrations provided by the source material.
    He’s dispelled dark forces with his anger.
    He adores feats of power and physical prowess.
    He was able to cast Melkor down with his bare hands alone.
    Even when constrained by Angainor, chains meant to bind the mightiest of the Ainur, he had the power to lung at Melkor with unrelenting strength.
    Though he isn’t the most powerful, his strength, speed, and combat skills are legendary!

    What’s on Doomsday’s resume?
    Killing Superman….
    Yeah… It’s not as if a feat with that level of “magnitude” hasn’t been done over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.
    Just to let you know there are ten more over’s after those, all of which involve some outside force resurrecting Superman because…screw it.

    Take some time to read about Tulkas and the rest of his race.
    Don’t just decide a battle’s outcome based who you WANT to win.
    You need to LEARN about the characters before making these types of assumptions.

    Here’s a link to some experienced readers who actually took some time to list the attributes of the characters in question instead putting together a few sentences (that resemble almost every single one on their media page).

    You obviously don’t care enough to create a more accurately simulated battle, so I’m going to throw you a bone here.

    1. Lets not downplay Destroying Superman though. His abilities are as far above ours…as ours are above dinner! Put it this way, Superman shouldn’t have lost to Doomsday, but the fact that Doomsday put up a good fight was most impressive. At the very least, I was really impressed….and I don’t get impressed very easily!!

      Now, I never decide battles based on who I want to win. That would be a bad way to run the fights and it would even make me look bad as well. I go by the cold hard facts of the case and Doomsday is just more impressive. As for Tulkas having an immortal spirit and everything…it’s not as impressive as it sounds. He can still be defeated with brute strength and ingenuity. That’s just how the ball game works, you have to prepare for the unexpected. Doomsday will just start punching and punching away until Tulkas is down for the count. The guy is strong, but not strong enough and after he’s been pounded long enough, he won’t be able to regenerate or live. He will just die.


        Your not listening to what I’m telling you.
        Tulkas and the rest of the Valar cannot die as long as they do not succumb to evil intent.
        Look, read this excerpt from Morgoth’s Ring:

        “The fëa is indestructible, a unique identity which cannot be disintegrated or absorbed into any other identity.”

        And this:

        “But his prayer was denied, and it is said that in that hour the Valar would fain have put him to death. *But death none can deal to any of the race of the Valar, neither can any, save Eru only, remove them from Ea, the World that is, be they willing or unwilling.* Therefore Manwe cast Melkor into prison, and he was shut in the fastness of Mandos, whence none can escape.”

        As well as this:

        “Melkor sued for pardon in the Ring of Doom; the Valar wished to put him to death, but none can slay any of Valarin race, nor remove them from Ea, save Eru only.”

        It is an impossibility with brute force to kill the Valar. It can’t be done unless you can kill their indestructible spirits, which is something Doomsday’s brutish physical force cannot do.
        I still don’t see how beating Superman puts him on a higher playing field. Its been proven to be an easy task before AND after Doomsday entered the comic franchise. Almost anyone can kill Superman. Almost everyone is faster, smarter, and stronger than Superman.
        What has he done that labels him as numero uno on the comic list?

        So, no.
        He can’t be defeated with brute force alone. If Doomsday had some sort of connection with the astral plane, then he might have the power to interact with Tulkas’ spirit. Whether or not he can extinguish the spirit is based on how well acquainted Doomsy is while fighting without a body…

        Of course you get impressed easily. You were impressed when someone shook one of the smallest planets in the solar system even when they were gaining more power!
        From an astronomical perspective, that’s pretty weak!
        Regardless of whether or not you are impressed by it, Tulkas cannot suffer from the release of death. None of them can.
        Besides, Tulkas is faster AND he has a more functional mind capable of strategic combat.

        Read this from the Silmarillion:

        “He delights in wrestling and in contests of strength; and he rides no steed, for he can outrun all things that go on feet, and he is tireless.”

        And this from Morgoth’s Ring:

        “But as for the Valar themselves, and the Maiar also in their degree: they could live at any speed of thought or motion which they chose or desired. They could move backward or forward in thought, and return again so swiftly that to those who were in their presence they did not appear to have moved. All that was past they could fully perceive; but being now in Time the future they could only perceive or explore in so far as its design was made clear to them in the Music, or as each one of them was specially concerned with this or that part of Eru’s design, being His agent or Subcreator.”

        Doomsday is mindless beast, who’s senseless attacks will prove too predictable to jape Tulkas.

        Also, yes you do.
        Even when a character HAS fought another character and defeats said character, you deny it and insist that it should have gone your way.
        You just deny everything, regardless of whether it is true OR not, when it doesn’t agree with you head canon.

        Take the battle between Goku and Vegeta for example.
        Realistically, Goku is the victor, seen as how he has proven to be Vegeta’s superior in power time and time again. As of now, the power gap is still in Goku’s favor.
        But no. You decided that Vegeta should win.
        Because you made it impossible for him to sustain defeat on the blog!
        Because YOU want him to win instead of Goku.

        Why would you do that?
        Why would you act so hypocritically as to give a character total invincibility after expressing your discontent with canonical characters being DEVELOPED that way?

        If you were as honest as you say, you would hand the victory to Goku, as shown by the countless pieces of evidence and the fact the Vegeta himself admitted this!

        That is only one of the countless times you’ve gone against what is clearly shown to be the outcome of a certain battle.
        Can’t you see you’ve already made yourself look bad?
        You’ve got people from left and right spreading the word on the amount of balderdash that has been spewed from this…this…
        I won’t continue any further from there…

        Look, this is constructive criticism.
        I know it may come off as distasteful, but good intentions are behind my words.
        I’m trying to point out the errors in you judgement and help you improve the areas where nothing makes any sense.
        Sometimes you need to be tough in order to enlighten others.
        I mean, do you honestly expect me to believe this battle isn’t based on who YOU want to win.
        I have no reason to believe you read the Silmarillion, Morgoth’s Ring, or The Letters of J.R.R Tolkien. You’ve barely shown any adequate knowledge of Tolkien’s work in the past. You even confused Gandalf for…for a human…

        Can you honestly tell me, you have analyzed the important excerpts from the books that yield information on Tulkas and his race?

        Can you honestly tell me that you know enough about the Lord of the Rings to decide the outcome of this battle?

        Are you REALLY qualified to decide Tulkas’ fate?

      2. But that’s exactly what I’m telling you. You can totally destroy any and everything from the physical plane. There’s nothing that can make you impervious that as much as the authors will try to tell you otherwise. Immortal spirits? Bah, we have Kamehamehas. Indestructible Armor? We’ve got Doomsday, etc. The physical plane matters the most and is always key for these things. Now I haven’t read any of the books that you’ve mentioned or analyzed the excerpts, but I did do my standard research for the fight as always.

        As for fights that have already happened, writers get them wrong all the time. You can’t just assume something as fact just because it happened. That’s why we have the concept of plot hax and all. I’m here to fix these things. Vegeta beat Goku through the High Aboves rule. SO, it’s not that I wanted him to win, but that he had to win. I guess you could make the case that he made the list because I’m a fan, but it’s a bit of a stretch.

        All in all, I’m totally qualified!

      3. Okay, I’m going to give you chance.

        Even after showing a lack of knowledge for both Tulkas and his race, as well as a far more biased viewpoint towards both combatants, I’m going to give you a chance.

        If you can answer this question, I’ll be more open minded with you addressing matters concerning the lore of the Eä.

        Tulkas is an legendary fighter and easily has combat experience that easily surpasses all beings that reside in Arda. However, though he is an exceptional fighter, he is in no way the strongest of the Valar.
        Though his strength is in the field of physical battling, he is not as grand in terms of raw power (that is, power that is obtained physically, mentally, and metaphysically).

        Yet, he managed to best Melkor in their battle.

        Before you make “plot hax” accusations, there is a viable reason why the Dark Lord was beaten in spite of being born as the superior being among the immortal Valar.

        If you are truly qualified, then you must know what it is that Morgoth did that created his own self imposed weaknesses and how it relates to the Fea and Hroa.

        So, what did he do to structure his own defeat?

  2. I concur with Archangel here. Even if Tulkas fought Doomsday to a standstill, he could be removed from Middle-Earth, or Arda, if you wish to get technical. Good work on the Dom Toretto battle, though.

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