Tobirama Senju vs Kabuto

Suggested by Sonic Tobirama is one of the original Hokages so his power level is considerable. That said, as strong as he is the guy is still outmatched by Kabuto. Kabuto was already powerful before he absorbed Orochimaru’s abilities. After that the guy got even more broken to the point where he is one of the toughest fighters in the verse. Senju would not be able to keep up. Kabuto wins.

Ryu (Shaman) vs Kabuto

Suggested by iKnowledge Ryu returns but Kabuto is an even more difficult match than Kisame. Kabuto’s speed was enough to keep up with both Itachi and Sasuke at the same time. There’s no way Ryu’s going to be hitting this guy and Kabuto’s regeneration will also come in handy here. Kabuto’s final form was pretty crazy that’s for sure. Ryu would likely have the edge here in any circumstance outside of the final arc where Kabuto’s power hit a whole new level. At that point he just becomes too fast. Kabuto wins.

Orochimaru vs Kabuto

Orochimaru may have helped to train Kabuto into the shinobi that he ended up becoming, but sometimes the student surpasses the master. Orochimaru’s an excellent fighter and his array of jutsu make him a deadly opponent to just about anyone. That being said, Kabuto definitely surpassed him physically and their jutsu are at around the same level. Kabuto wins.

Madara vs Kabuto

Kabuto may be a very intelligent fighter, but that wont be enough to defeat Madara. Madara is definitely his equal as far as combat intelligence is concerned and you cannot compare the two in terms of power. Madara just needs one clean shot to end this. Kabuto may have lost this match, but he will be back. Madara wins.

Dr Orpheus vs Kabuto

Dr Orpheus is pretty tough, but he’s never faced a ninja of Kabuto’s level before. Kabuto’s hand to hand skills are good enough that he can take on Sannin/Hokage level opponents. Once he hits you with his chakra attacks, it will be even tougher to fight. Dr Orpheus won’t be able to dodge forever. Kabuto wins.

Kabuto vs Shizune

Shizune was once shown to maybe be a match for Kabuto. Of course they soon proved otherwise when Kabuto knocked her out pretty easily. She’s no match for a ninja as powerful as Kabuto. Kabuto has even fought against guys like Naruto and Kakashi. Shizune takes another loss in this match. Kabuto wins.

Kabuto vs Naruto

Kabuto is back, but as all blog fighters know, you can’t stay undefeated unless you’re a “high above” So Kabuto loses this round. Naruto is too powerful and has his rasengan ready to take down all in his path. Kabuto may be fast and strong, but he has been surpassed this time. Naruto wins.

Kabuto vs Dosu

Kabuto is a very skilled ninja who has been shown to be able to fight with members of the Sannin and Kakashi. Of course when he first met Dosu he lost it was due to circumstances. In a real fight he could easily beat Dosu. Dosu just wouldn’t stand a chance against a ninja as strong as Kabuto. Kabuto wins.