Ferid vs Ragna

Suggested by Dylan Hooton This battle is closer than the Crowley one and could possibly go either way. After all, Ferid hasn’t really gotten to use his vampire abilities all that much. At most we’ve seen glimpses of his speed from time to time. What we have seen was impressive so he wins for now, but I could certainly see Ragna passing him rather easily. Only time will tell though, but for now Ferid is still fast enough to dodge Ragna’s strikes. Ferid wins.

Crowley Eusford vs Ragna

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Ragna is a skilled fighter and his energy abilities make him even more formidable. That being said, Crowley is just a lot faster. The vampire’s healing abilities will also make this fight particularly challenging as Ragna’s hits won’t be as effective as they usually are. Ragna is a strong opponent to be sure, but I just don’t think he can win this round. Crowley Eusford wins.