Ryuunosuke vs Sasuke

Sasuke is a pretty tough shinobi and he has the speed feats to prove it. Ryuunosuke wouldn’t be able to get away from Sasuke and he wouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight either. Sasuke is just too far above him at this point and I don’t see the gap shrinking anytime soon. This is just the beginning of the end for Ryuunosuke. Sasuke wins.

Ryuunosuke vs Yusuke

Yusuke’s Spirit Gun is a classic at this point and most enemies are instantly defeated by it. Ryuunosuke would be no exception as such a blast would instantly vaporize him. He really has no defense against that kind of attack. The gap in ability between these two fighters is pretty large and it will be very hard to overcome it…in fact, it will be impossible for Ryuunosuke. Yusuke wins.

Ryuunosuke vs Oga Tatsumi

Ryuunosuke is back once again and it’s time for him to get clobbered by Oga. Oga is great at hand to hand combat and a single punch should do the trick here. Ryuunosuke isn’t known for his durability after all. Oga’s magical abilities continue to get stronger and stronger as he fights and his portal punches would quickly overwhelm the kid. Oga Tatsumi wins.

Ryuunosuke vs Ichigo

Ichigo Kurosaki2
Ryuunosuke is back and he’s up against a true fighter now! Ichigo is a top tier anime fighter and he can likely cleave whole planets in two with a single stroke. I always had a feeling that he could and this has basically been confirmed if you really think about it. Ryuunosuke wouldn’t last a second in this fight and that’s why Ichigo’s voice will always be iconic for his own character. Ichigo wins.

Ryuunosuke vs Bass

Ryuunosuke makes his debut and it’s safe to say that he’ll have several matches coming up. He is definitely as unlikable as you may have expected. This is a guy that you don’t want to see on screen because it just means that he is going to drag down the scene for you. In a fight, he’s hopeless without his servant. Either way, Bass owns this round with a single hit. Bass wins.