Oga Tatsumi vs Buu

Oga Tatsumi has been through his share of fights and knows how to throw a good punch. You can’t count him out of any match but Buu isn’t your average opponent. Buu can regenerate from just about any hit and his raw power was enough for him to go up against Super Saiyan 3 Goku. Oga just doesn’t have that kind of firepower and he will also be out of his league when it comes to speed as well. Better luck next time Oga, but your run is over. Buu wins.

Beel vs Oga Tatsumi

Beel is certainly one of the toughest babies I’ve ever seen. He has lightning abilities and has only just begun to tap into his true power. That being said, with no sequel series at the ready just yet, Beel may already be at his peak. Oga just needs a single good punch to take him down for the count. By the end of the series, Oga was virtually unbeatable and his physical abilities are simply on a different level. Oga Tatsumi wins.

Neuro vs Oga Tatsumi

Oga Tatsumi is immensely powerful and his physical attacks are on a completely different level from the average fighter. Neuro has a high amount of attack power as well and his regenerative abilities are certainly potent as well, but he simply won’t be able to keep up with Oga physically. Oga has the massive advantage when it comes to speed as well as the better long range options as well. Neuro loses whether this is a close quarters fight or a long range one and that’s a token to Oga’s power. Oga Tatsumi wins.

Hilda vs Oga Tatsumi

It’s time for Oga to get another win as he takes Hilda back down the rankings. She’s an exceptional swordswoman and she was actually able to stay ahead of Oga for a good chunk of the series. Still, none can stay ahead of the main character for long and one of Oga’s big thunder punches would be enough to win this battle. Oga Tatsumi wins.

Oga Tatsumi vs Himekawa

Oga Tatsumi is back and now he’s up against one of the characters from Beelzebub that I ended up disliking a lot. Himekawa wasn’t bad at first, but his big decisions towards the end of the series essentially doomed him. I can’t consider him to be a true ally and Oga can defeat him with a single energy blast. Oga Tatsumi wins.

Furuichi vs Oga Tatsumi

Furuichi is back, but this is one match that he definitely can’t win. Oga is simply too powerful and the victor has already been proven many times. Furuichi’s determination can be impressive, but it is never enough for him to win the big fights. It’s simply the sad truth for him. If only Furuichi hadn’t strayed from the heroic path. Oga Tatsumi wins.

Tojo Hidetora vs Oga Tatsumi

Tojo Hidetora won his first two matches, but it’s time for his streak to end. He definitely won’t stand a chance against an opponent as powerful as Oga. Oga is not only faster than Tojo, but he’s also a lot more powerful. A single punch from Oga could take Tojo down if the hero was not holding back. Tojo is strong in his own right, but he’s no on the same level. Oga Tatsumi wins.

Kuneida vs Oga Tatsumi

Kuneida had a good run, but she won’t be able to take Oga down. Oga is one of the strongest hand to hand fighters around and he proved this by defeating all of the tough opponents at the school. Kuneida is a good swordfighter, but it won’t matter if she can’t land any hits. Oga Tatsumi is just too quick to let something like that happen to him. Oga Tatsumi wins.

Ryuunosuke vs Oga Tatsumi

Ryuunosuke is back once again and it’s time for him to get clobbered by Oga. Oga is great at hand to hand combat and a single punch should do the trick here. Ryuunosuke isn’t known for his durability after all. Oga’s magical abilities continue to get stronger and stronger as he fights and his portal punches would quickly overwhelm the kid. Oga Tatsumi wins.

Oga Tatsumi vs James Bond

James Bond has his gun at the ready, but it really won’t be that effective against a guy like Oga Tatsumi. Oga was already a very strong fighter before he got any demon abilities and they just rose him into a whole new level. James Bond could try to settle things mano a mano with Oga, but it really wouldn’t end well for the British Agent. Oga is too powerful and one punch would end things. Oga Tatsumi wins.